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I wish it had back up sensors or reverse camera. Also it should have better Blind Spot Monitors so it catches vehicles that are constantly next to you instead of only those coming up from behind. A bit more horsepower really would make the Miata more appealing. And that infotainment screen sticking out of the dash is just plain tacky. I would have special ordered a car if I could have opted out on all the electronic gizmos attached to it and had a clear dash. Failing that, how about a hinge to fold it out of the way?

Updated on Dec 4, If you are after a sporty fun-to-drive reasonably priced sports car the MX-5 is an excellent choice. The radio traffic feature is not useful, as it only looks at the area you are in, not where you are going. So I can't see what traffic issues are present to an area east or west of where I am heading. It has a lot of new features that I like, but I don't understand why there is not a rear bac up camera given the screen display available.

The Miata is fun and more practical than might seem the case. It gets good mileage and works great for pleasure driving as well as round-town travel.

Used Mazda MX-5 Miata For Sale - CarGurus

We also own an SUV for longer distance travel, travel with more than two people and for hauling large objects. Other Miata drivers often wave and share a friendly greeting, especially is the top is down. We are pleased with the purchase. Blindspots in the RF would benefit from a back up camera. Sensors work, but a camera is better, especially the 3 view Honda type. The performance and driving pleasure is superb for the Miata, the only thing that I could think of to make it even better is less vibration of the interior parts during the driving. Allow older cars to upgrade software to Android Auto and other new applications.

Make cellphones do the work of navigation and entertainment , because the hardware can be upgraded mostly every two years.

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Really should have a backup camera. The lane keeping system should be able to be shut off totally, as it doesn't really work right. Not sure if its the nature of the vehicle and less sound deadening, but I hear a lot more noises in this car and not sure if it is correct or is an issue. Updated on Oct 17, Mazdas are reliable and fun to drive. The pricing is also better than Honda or Toyota, and you get a sportier car than either of those two brands. Very fun to drive. It serves it's purpose well, which is to offer a good time driving.

It is too small to serve many other purposes, so if you need to haul anything you need something else too. The technology in the car is good but not cutting edge. I haven't seen anything cutting edge though. The sound tube is useless.

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The car is a convertible, if I want the sound coming in, I'll open the top. Otherwise, you can tell what's real exhaust noise and what's piped in, which is annoying. The car looks fantastic, drives like a charm. However in this "sportier" package I would expect the following to be changed: The stock one are just too weak resulting in exaggerated body roll. For sport car it sound not very sporty, and the asymmetric placement of double tip single pipe exhaust looks very unattractive.

Car is fun to drive on curvy canyon roads but hp on highway is not enough to easily overtake cars Bottom line: I bet they would sell tons of those Miatas. Updated on Dec 5, Great Sports Car a lot of fun to drive.

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Need spare tire option , need a white interior option , a red sports car looks great with white leather interior. Offer a spare tire. The car's new look is awesome and it's so much fun to drive. It's not the most practical car and has very little space and storage , but for the right person in the right circumstances, it is a joy to own.

I look forward to driving it to work every day and days with the right weather are truly the best. A backup camera and telescoping steering wheel are a must! I paid too much money for this car not to have basic items like these. A stronger engine would be nice or at least a turbo.

A glovebox would be nice too. The plug-in feature for recharging devices need to be positioned in a more accessible area in the interior of this vehicle.

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2019 Mazda MX-5 GT-S – When Miata Is ALWAYS The Answer

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Sponsored Listings. The Club comes standard with upgraded performance parts, and the standard brakes work just fine. While the two packages do add an undeniably cool look to the Miata, we'd pass for now. We would also pass on the I-Activesense Club Package, as the Miata is meant to be an analog car in a digital world. The Mazda Miata is the perfect little sports car. While other sports coupes in its price range, like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro , may have more power, the Miata aims to offer the unique sensation of making the machine feel like an extension of the driver.

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  • The original Miata followed Mazda's design philosophy of Jinba Ittai , a Japanese phrase that means "Horse and Rider as One," and almost 20 years later, the philosophy still holds true with the current iteration. For , the Miata gets an extra 26 horsepower from an updated version of the 2. That may not seem like much, but a power increase of nearly 20 percent is very significant in a car as small as the Miata. Additionally, the engine now revs to 7, rpm, and seems much more responsive to throttle inputs.

    While a six-speed automatic transmission is available, the engine pairs with the six-speed manual like fine wine and cheese. Throws are short and slick, and the perfectly-weighted clutch feels very natural underfoot. When it comes to handling, few cars can compete with the Miata. The car's lightweight frame means it has far less inertia to wrestle with when you ask it to change direction, allowing the driver to maintain speed through the corners better than most.

    The suspension is taut, but not overly hard to make it uncomfortable in daily driving applications. Even the Club trim's upgraded Bilstein suspension doesn't overdo it, and is still comfortable on rougher roads. The Club trim also gets a lower ride height, some aerodynamic tweaks, a limited slip differential for better power application, and a larger front strut tower for flatter cornering. The Miata has always looked like it was happy to see you, but the current version looks like it may have something more devious in mind.

    It has perfect sports car proportions, with a long hood, bulging fenders, and stylish details that are restrained in their design. Overall, few would say that the Miata was anything but beautiful, whether they were looking at a classic soft top or the Miata RF with its folding metal roof.

    Top Positive Review

    On the inside, the Miata's interior is well laid out and nice to look at, with circular air vents and handsome styling that doesn't go too far. The one obvious flaw to the design is the Miata's tablet-like infotainment screen that looks tacked on without much thought. However, we recognize that we live in an age of vehicles with screens, and there's only so many places you can put a screen in a vehicle this small. Storage space is interesting in the Miata, as the glovebox is located between the seats, and there aren't many other storage options.

    The trunk is big enough to carry a couple of weekend bags, but that's about it. Despite the small size, it's still a comfortable car with features that make it nice to live with every day. While most Miata's are cloth, leather is an option, and while there isn't a laundry list of available features like other cars on the market, options like the upgraded audio system with headrest speakers and speed limit sign recognition functions are welcome additions.

    The best thing about the Miata is the overall driving experience. With the top down and the sun out, it would be very hard to deny a smile while driving it. The Miata handles predictably, accelerates sufficiently, and will go exactly where the driver wants it to go. It's almost as if the car wants to drive as spiritedly as you do, making it a welcome companion on twisty back roads. While the Miata's diminutive size makes it more fun to drive, it's not exactly practical in any way. Trunk space is limited, you can't carry small kids, and the small wheel base can be taxing on longer highway drives.

    Furthermore, the ergonomics of the car can get funky, with oddly placed cupholders, an awkward position for infotainment controls, and a volt outlet that's placed under the dash in the passenger's footwell. In reality, the Miata is a perfect third vehicle for those who can afford it. It's great for weekend trips into the country or driving on sunny days, but there isn't much reason to drive it in bad weather. It's possible to use the Miata as a daily driver, but, ideally, those who plan to would have a spouse who drives a larger SUV or van to compensate.

    On the other hand, the Miata isn't the right car for those who have responsibilities that extend beyond their own sphere. The Miata is simply not a practical vehicle. If you need to carry children or cargo, or plan on moving on a somewhat frequent basis, we'd recommend getting a hot hatch like the Volkswagen GTI. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is all you could ever want from a little two-door roadster. It's nimble, quick, and incredibly fun to drive on more curvy roads.

    If you're looking for a car that's fun to drive and can find a way to mitigate the Miata's limited practicality, nothing else comes close to offering the sensations of a Miata, especially within its price range. We have partnered with trusted dealers in your area to give you a great price on the new Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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